Atelier Za’atar is a duo of design and mediation with a focus on sensitive experiences of landscapes and plants. This practice is nourished by a phenomenological approach, observant, curious and contextual.


Our work together allows us to combine complementary views on landscapes: 


Anna Lena is doing a PhD on post-industrial ecologies and is particularly interested in naturalistic planting design. 


Titiane practices and transmits skills related to the harvest and use of wild edible and medicinal plants. She is currently writing a guide to gathering plants for the “Résiliences” collection of Éditions Ulmer. 


Established in 2019, Atelier Za’atar works with groups of all ages, often in cultural, artistic and educational settings. In 2022, we created a travelling photography exhibition entitled “MI-LIEUX: translations of the landscapes of the Aubrac”. In 2023, we participate in an artist residency in Dunkirk entitled “Jachères” exploring the spontaneous vegetation of industrial wastelands.

calendar, 2023

25 April – 8 May / Jachères artistic residency, Dunkirk,

12-14 May / Variations Paysagères: A weekend of walks, talks and art in the Lot Valley  

18-21 May / Harvesting and illustrating plants workshop, Ardèche

31 May – 4 June / “Gestes culinaires” performances, Lozère & Cévennes,

1 – 2 July / Promenades à déguster, Fresnes,

14 October / Banquet à déguster, Fresnes,

16 – 18 October  / Critical field study, Dunkirk,


Our project partners

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Titiane / +33 6 52823328

Anna Lena / +33 7 74813365