mi-lieux : traductions de paysages

Parc Naturel Régional de l’Aubrac, 2022

An artistic residency project in the Aubrac region in partnership with PNRA (Regional Natural Park of the Aubrac), Lycée Hôtelier Saint-Chély d’Apcher (gastronomy school), photographer Jean-Sébastien Caron and multi-disciplinary artist Sara Harakat. 

gardening at schools

École des Villages d’Olt, 2021-2022

At the primary school of Ambeyrac, we are inviting the children to explore the forest behind the school and create a garden in their yard – a place to observe, touch play and experiment. 

ardoises de paysage

avec Départementales Magazine, la Maison des arts George et Claude Pompidou, la Librairie le Livre en Fête et les Scènes Croisées de Lozère, 2021-2022

The “ardoise” (slate) is a reflection of landscape, from its atmospheres to its wild growing tastes. We bring them on our mobile kitchen into public squares or into open events. 


doctoral research

Following the question how to create hospitable and thriving pockets in hot, dry and extreme climates or unusual soils. Anna Lena’s research is based at the Human Geography faculty of the Goethe University Frankfurt and embedded in the Research-in-action community.

za'atar of a place

A growing collection of za’atar born of the places where we encounter thyme from the stone plateau of Causses du Quercy to the mediterrannean garrigue of Narbonne. 

rencontres herboristes

Éditions Ulmer, 2022

Invitations in and around Paris for the release of the French translation of “Plants for the People : a modern guide to plant medicine” by Erin Lovell Verinder. 


wild plant walks and ateliers

CHB, Le Ranc, La Grange du Héron, 2019-2022

By paying attention to their characters and investigating into their stories together, we bring groups to walk and encounter wild plants within a wider landscape. We harvest and make illustrated booklets to leave a trace of the encounter.

Dining in the wild

Village de Balaguier d’Olt, 2019 – 2021

A series of lunches and dinners in surprising outdoor locations. Our menus are a testimony to the local landscapes and carry the deep flavors of seasonal harvest and produce.


a garrigue inspired garden

Domaine de la Genentière, 2021 

The scene is set at a vineyard in the Corbières. We begin planting a garrigue inspired, drought-resilient garden as a melange of wild and cultivated plants.


our project partnerS

Départementales Magazine 

Domaine de la Genentière 

École des Villages d’Olt 

Editions Ulmer 

Éléonore Grignon & Atelier Fanelsa

Îlots Magazine


Maison des arts Georges et Claude Pompidou 

Librairie Le livre en fête, Figeac

La Grange du Héron, village de gîtes

Le Ranc, maison d’hôtes 

Rencontres Plantes & Cie 

Scènes Croisées de Lozère

© Photographs : Atelier Za’atar, Flavia SistiagaJean-Sébastien Caron