Dining in the wild

Valley of the Lot, 2019 – today

A series of lunches and dinners in surprising outdoor locations. Our menus are a testimony to the local landscapes and carry the deep flavors of seasonal harvest and produce.

doctoral research

2020 – today

Following the question how to create hospitable and thriving pockets in hot, dry and extreme climates or unusual soils. The research is based at the Human Geography faculty of the Goethe University Frankfurt and embedded in the Research-in-action community.

DSC_4255 Kopie 2

gardening at schools

Ambeyrac, 2021

A project with the primary school of Ambeyrac. We are inviting the children to explore the forest behind the school and create a garden in their yard – a place to observe, touch play and experiment.

Re-making a garrigue inspired garden

Corbières, 2021

The scene is set at a vineyard in the Corbières. We begin planting a garrigue inspired, drought-resilient garden as a melange of wild and cultivated plants.

illustrating wild plants

By paying attention to their characters and investigating into their stories, we bring wild plants onto paper and place-specific booklets to make them more and more visible, recognizable and approachable.

a mobile atelier

that can be a kitchen as well as a bar, a herbarium or a workshop space. The mobile atelier has been created in a collaborative workshop with neighbours and friends, celebrated with a pop-up concert.